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Operation SOCKS is a student designed project to promote education about water conservation, water management, and water quality control on the St. Johns River and local lakes in Seminole County.

According to the EPA:
Water is the common element that links ecosystems. It links forest ecosystems of the interior mountains with the bays and estuaries along the coasts. It transports food, nutrients and other biologically important materials and organisms. It dilutes, moves and removes wastes; it cools organisms and the land, maintaining the climactic conditions that support and sustain life. Finally, water supplies energy to ecosystems because, through cooling and its motion, water saves energy that organisms and ecosystems would otherwise need to expend.

People all over the planet are dependent on water to grow food, generate power, cool the machines of industry, carry wastes and much more. People use water in their personal lives for bathing and cleaning, recreating, drinking, cooking, gardening, and just for the pleasure of watching it. Water also provides habitat for fresh and salt water living resources.

The computer club of Millennium Middle School is organizing Operation S.O.C.K.S.

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-Keith Scott