Weather Prediction

Project URL: http://lakemoreschool.org/weather/intro/

How it works:
Weather Prediction
is an online web course designed for third graders. This program takes a basic approach to the subject and teaches students to accurately forecast the weather after first understanding important concepts. Students work through a series of four lessons. Lesson One teaches the symbols used on a weather map. Students are able to click on each symbol to find more information. Lesson Two teaches students about warm, cold, and stationary fronts. It is important to understand how these fronts affect our weather. Lesson Three discusses barometric pressure, which also has an important impact on weather, and how to read a barometer. Lastly, students practice predicting the weather in Lesson Four. Each lesson has a practice section and a quiz section. Both give immediate feedback to prepare students for a final written test in class. After completing this web-based unit, students can present a weather forecast in front of the class, just like the weather people on television, by using a data projector and a weather map. This turns the lessons into practical experience.

Standards addressed:  
Students will be able to read a weather map; use weather maps to forecast the weather; explain the relationship between warm, cold, and stationary fronts; explain the characteristics of high and low pressure; and read a barometer.

Materials used:
Students will need a computer with an Internet connection at home. The faster the Internet connection, the better. For students without an Internet connection, teachers can download all of the site and copy onto a CD-R. If you use the site at school, you can download the site to your server for faster access.

The students:
This project is intended for third grade students or children ages eight to ten. The students must be able to use a web browser. Students also need to be able to apply basic weather concepts to the online lessons.

Overall value:
Weather Prediction
allows students to work at their own rate. Students can return to lessons they have questions about. The practice and quizzes give immediate feedback to help students learn. Students will enjoy learning about the weather in this interactive way. Students can make daily use of these lessons when they decide what to wear each morning.

Before you implement, take the time to go through the entire course. Learn the ins and outs of how the site is designed. Students will have questions on how to close the popup windows and navigate. There are directions, but most students skip them. Also make sure you know the content in case students need more clarification.


About the teacher:
Robert Lane is a third grade teacher at Lakemore Elementary School in Springfield Township, Ohio. Mr. Lane is also the building technology representative. He is a technology leader and teaches other staff technology
integration methods through staff development. Through the sharing of ideas do we best serve our students.


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