Get A Life!

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How it works:
Get A Life!
is a program that is designed to help students begin preparation for life after high school. It starts with the students creating a web page in which they describe the life they wish to have in ten years. Then they begin research on potential careers. They take several assessment quizzes to find out what career would be suitable for them. Then they research various careers and decide on a career to pursue. Next, they research the education they would need for that career. Finally, they put their web pages together in one final page with links to their work.

Standards addressed:  
The students apply technological knowledge and skills to design, construct, use, and evaluate products and systems to satisfy human needs.

Materials used:
This is a 100% computer-based unit. A computer with Internet access is required along with Photoshop and DreamWeaver software.

The students:
This is a project for high school students approaching graduation. All student skill levels can be accommodated.

Overall value:
There is no paper exchange and no exam are given in this program. Students can proceed at their own pace and create a simple or complicated work depending on their skill level and motivation.

Have students prepare their web pages in tables with each assignment in a row. In the beginning, help them organize their pages. Certain lessons, like the Photoshop projects, should be taught as a group.


About the teacher:
Laura Anderson is a certified New York City math teacher. She teaches web design and computer math.


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