Types of Protest 


Types of Protests Definitions Examples Group *
Yes or No
Yes or No
Example: Sit In Remaining in one place, and refusing to leave Demonstrators against the War in Iraq who refuse to leave a demonstration area, such as outside the U.N. Yes No



Walking from one place to another with signs Civil Rights march on Washington    



When a person won't do business with a company or country The U.S. boycotts Cuba    
Legal Action



Bringing an individual or institution to court to fight an issue legally The Democratic Party sued Florida over the presidential election outcomes    



Workers refuse to go on the job Grocery workers strike in California    
Breaking the Law Doing something illegal Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus    

*Indicate if you would be willing to protest in this way as part of a group.

   ** Indicate if you would be willing to protest in this way alone.