Lessons 3-4

Let students select the animal of their choice to begin research. This will probably take two to three sessions.  Make a note-taking worksheet for the students to record important details they find about their animals. The worksheet should include a section for: description of the animal, habitat, diet, enemies, and interesting facts about the animal. These will be the topics for the five paragraphs that the students will later write. Give students ample time to research their animals. I gave each student a clipboard, along with their note-taking worksheet. This made it easier to take notes while searching on the Internet or looking through books. Some good Internet sites include:


A sample outline for students to follow is below:

Animal Report Outline

 I. Description of Animal

    A. Color

    B. Size

    C. Weight

    D. Other

II. Habitat

    A. Location

    B. Climate

    C. Type of home

III. Diet

    A. What it eats

    B. Where it gets it's food

    C. How it gets it's food

IV. Enemies

    A. What preys upon the animal?

    B. What defenses does the animal use?

 V.  Interesting Facts




See Lesson 5