Kindergarten Language Arts

Reading: Word Analysis, Fluency & Systematic Vocabulary Development

   Concepts About Print

   Phonemic Awareness    Decoding and Word Recognition    Vocabulary and Concept Development

Reading: Reading Comprehension

   Structural Features of Informational Material

   Comprehension and Analysis of Grade Level Appropriate Text

Reading: Literary Response and Analysis

   Narrative Analysis of Grade Level Appropriate Text

   Enjoyment of Literature Writing: Writing strategies

   Organization and Focus

   Penmanship (Although the students and not writing by hand the following are addressed) Written and Oral English Language Conventions

   Sentence Structure

   Spelling Listening and speaking: Listening and Speaking Strategies


   Group Listening and peaking Listening and Speaking: Speaking Applicatins (Genres and Their Characteristics)

   Student Presentations

Kindergarten Math Standards

Number Sense

Algebra and Functions

Measurement and Geometry

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability Technology

Many beginning/elementary technology skills are addressed by this unit, e,g.:

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