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Lesson 1. Transforming

For one of the most comprehensive and beautiful fairy tale sites on the web, visit which includes 26 annotated fairy tales, their histories, similar tales across cultures, and over 1,000 illustrations.

A wonderful site about the life and work of Jackson Pollock

Vist this site to see how another elemtary school created a wonderful but very different fairy tale project.

This site provides a comprehensive collection of Fairy tales organized by author and region. There are also ideas for lessons.

Lesson 5. Creating a character template

Lesson 2. What is a fairy tale?
What are the characteristics?

Fairy tale graphic organizer:

Elements of a Fairy Tale-

Fairy Tale Lesson Plans with wonderful links to tales from around the world

A Fairy tale inspired webquest which includes important elements of geography as well as literature. provides an extensive archive of fairy tales.

For a comprehensive for lists of stories by region, author as well as lesson ideas, background information , and read alouds for younger students visit

Lesson 6. Transforming characters

Lesson 3. Writing our fairy tales
How can we transform a tale?

The University of Southern Mississippi Cinderella Project.has created a text and image archive containing a dozen English versions of the fairy tale. Exemplifies the variations of text and illustration of one fairy tale.

Mrs. Seagert's Fairy Tale Challenges is a site that helps children identify, compare, and create fairy tales,

For beautifully written and illustrated Fairy tales visit
The Sleeping Beauty, Blue Beard, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast from the Old French Quiller-Couch's selection from the Cabinet des Fées, the French collection spanning over forty volumes. "What began as a strict translation became a 'retelling' of these classic fairy tales".

This Snow White teaching page by Kay E. Vandergrift is the place to visit for more in depth exploration of this fairy tale. provides clear and helpful student materials.

Lesson 7.Finding backgrounds on the Internet.

Lesson 4. Editing our tales


9. Helpful Web sites

See our fairy tales

Lesson 8.Putting the pages together