P. S. 101
Unit:  Superheroes of the Millennium
Lesson:  3  How can we do research on the Internet?


 Aim:   1.   What is the Internet?
            2.   What is a browser?
            3.   What is a search engine?
            4.   How can we use a search engine to find information on the world wide web?
            5.   How have people of diverse cultures shaped the past and  impacted us in the present and our future?
            6.    How have ordinary people become superheroes as a result of their actions and contributions to society?

Materials:    Internet Coach CD, Apple Education Series, Apple Computer Corporation, Cupertino Ca , 1997)

Standards Addressed:
        1.    The student gathers and uses information for research purposes.
        2.    The student uses electronic media to gather information.
        3.    The students appreciates the significance in our lives of people who have made contributions to society.
        4.   To develop concept of how people of diverse cultures have shaped the past and have impacted us in the present and our future.
        5.    To appreciate the fact that ordinary people can be superheroes as a result of their actions and contributions to society.

        1.  Students read the information in the section entitled "Internet Overview" on the Internet Coach CD and answer these focus questions:

        2.  Students read the section entitled "Web Introduction" to answer these questions:         3.  Students read the information in the section entitled "Searching The Internet" to get answers to the following:         4.  Students choose a person as a millennium superhero from a preprinted list.
        5.  Students use a search engine such as Google to find web sites containing biographical information about the person they will be writing about. Students bookmark the web sites they find valuable for finding answers to their database questions.
        6.    Students fill in the database using the information found on the web sites.

Tip:    To narrow the search field, enter the name of the person and the work biography (for example, steven spielberg biography) in the search box. When looking for a photograph, enter the name of the person and the work photo (for example,, steven spielberg photo).

Evaluation:    Students will be evaluated on their ability to make use of search engines as well as  find and bookmark web sites that will be useful in doing research about a heroic person.

Related Web Sites:
1)    http://myhero.com/New_Directory/directory_table.asp
This site provides photos and short biographical sketches about real  life heroes.
2)    http://thinkquest.org/library/lib/site_sum_outside.html?tname=4034&cid=2&url=4034/home.asp
"Explorers of the Millennium," provides students with a wealth of information about the most important explorers of the past thousand years in a simple, easy-to-use format.
3)    http://distinguishedwomen.com/
This site has biographies of women who contributed to our culture
4)    http://biography.com
provides biographical information about real people in many different career categories
5)    http://time.com/time
This is the Time Magazine Web Site. From here students can click links to find magazine articles about famous people.
6)    http://people.com
From the People Magazine web site, students can access links to magazine articles about the people they are researching.
7) http://sportsillustrated.com
This is the site for Sports Illustrated Magazine. Students can click on links to find out about sports figures.

Follow up:    In Lesson 4, the writing phase, students will set up a word processing document and write a report using the information found during their research.