History of Chocolate Student Worksheet


1.   Visit the following websites to find out the history of chocolate. 

       As you go to each site, record your findings on the student timeline worksheet. 

                http://mce.k12tn.net/chocolate/history/name.htm  Dr, Nibble will take you on a historical journey of chocolate.

              Click on the beginning of chocolate to begin your research of the history of chocolate.  Click on each century to learn how cacao
              seeds spread 

              throughout the world.

             http://fieldmuseum.org/chocolate/history_intro.html                            http://swisschoc.com/history/ easy read 

             http://candyusa.org/chocolate/history.asp   short for kids                   http://library.thinkquest.org/C003866/data/sete.htm?tqskip1=1 


2.  Now work with your group.  Use the information you collected to create a timeline together. 

     a.  Decide what kind of timeline you are going to do and what materials you will use.

     b.  Decide who is going to do different time periods.

     c.  You can use pictures from the web or drawings to include in your timeline.

     d.  Put your timeline together.

     e.  Present Timeline to class.



Students visit  http://mce.k12tn.net/chocolate/games/game4.htm 

Print, complete puzzle on the history of chocolate.  Bring to class.

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