Comparing Spiders to Insects


The students will compare and contrast spiders and insects using a Venn diagram.
The students will write three sentences comparing spiders and insects.
The students will write three sentences contrasting spiders and insects.

Time Period

2- 45 minute periods


 Antennae- feelers on the heads of an insect
Thorax- the middle body part of an insect


Spider Fact Sheet
Pencils, paper, crayons
Computer with Internet connection
Childrenís book  Amazing World of Spiders by Janet Craig
Observation Log


1. The teacher will review the facts known about spiders and lead a discussion comparing 
    and contrasting spiders to insects. Information can be accessed from the Amazing World of Spiders 
    and from several Internet sites, such as  San Diego Field Guide/Spiders, Web Species, and Wolf Spider.
2. The teacher will then have the studentís research about insects and spiders and record 
    their information on their Venn diagram.
3. Next the students will be asked to discuss how spiders are the same as insects, then 
    how spiders are different. 
4. Following this discussion the Students will then write 3 statements about how spiders are 
    the same as insects and 3 statements about how spiders are different from insects.
5. Students will make entries into their Observation Logs.


The teacher will assess the studentís Venn diagrams; each section of the Venn diagram should be complete, that is, what is the same and what is different about the comparisons.

Home Learning Activity

The students will record any changes observed with the spider and its web.The students will write three statements about any changes they have noted.

Extension Activity 

Provide magnifying glasses for the students to observe the spiders at their home. Have the students write about what they could see with the magnifying glass. Students will complete their Spider Observation Form.