Spider Body Parts


Students will identify spider body parts.
Students will label a picture of a spider with the correct names of the body parts.

Time required

2- 45 minute periods


Computer with Internet access
Observation Log


Abdomen - located on the back of the spider
Cephalothoraxes - the front part where the head and chest is located.
Spinnerets- located at the end of the spiderís abdomen


1. The teacher will review the story Amazing World of Spiders emphasizing the sections that 
    discuss the anatomy of the spider. Another story is  Magic School Bus Spins a Web this 
    story discusses various body parts of a spider as well.
2. Print out and copy the Spider Diagram, making enough for each student.
3. The students can go online and investigate the names of body parts. Arachnology  is a good source of 
    information for teachers, Scholastic for Kids is another good site to check out, click on Magic 
    School Bus link and students can complete online activities at Spider Activities.
4. Visit Spiders and read the various myths about spiders, have students write a spider myth.
5. They can work in groups, write a rough draft, edit, rewrite, add illustrations and publish into a class  
    spider book.
6. Students will make entries into their observation logs.


The teacher will evaluate the students' spider diagram of labeled body parts; each diagram must contain: abdomen, cephalothoraxes, legs, eyes, and spinnerets.

Home Learning

The students will record how the spiderís web looks, the students will draw the web in their observation log book. Next the students will draw the spider and use the appropriate colors to describe the spider.

Extension Activities

Instead of using the spider diagram template, the students can draw their own spiders, color, and label them appropriately. Students can use the paint/draw application of a word processing program. 
Another activity is to have the students make models of a spider and the label the spider appropriately. Students can use any of these spiders to base their model on:

Golden Orb
Brown Recluse
Black Widow
Banded Garden