Sense of Sight




  1. Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to students and discuss all the animals seen in the story.
  2. Ask students which of the five senses they think we will be using today?
  3. Introduce the sense of sight.  Give background information about vision.
  4. Have students give examples of ways we use our sense of sight every day.
  5. Play the "What's Missing" game to see how well students can use their sense of sight. Place all felt characters on the felt board and remove one.  Have students tell the one animal that is missing.
  6. Pass out toilet paper binoculars and have students decorate each.
  7. Go out for a walk around the school stop every once in a while and have students use their binoculars. Teacher can take digital photos of objects observed and place on class five senses web site posted on school site.
  8. When you get back into class, ask:  Children, Children what did you see?
  9. Brainstorm a list of objects children saw on their walk.



Have students take an online senses quiz at Queendom. Students type their answers and can get their score.