Build Your Own Balancing Butterfly

Objective:  Students will build a balancing butterfly toy.

Materials:  Poster board, butterfly pattern, markers, scissors, tape, pennies

Introduction:  Today you are going to build a balancing toy.

1. Trace a butterfly onto poster board.

 2. Color your butterfly with markers.

 3. Cut the butterfly out.

 4. Tape a penny to each wing tip.

 5. Adjust the pennies until your butterfly will balance on the tip of your finger, head, or nose.

6. Visit Insect World and click on The Insects, scroll down and click on Lepidoptera or butterflies and moths

7. What does the word lepidoptera mean? The name Lepidoptera comes from the Greek 'Lepidos' a scale and 'Pteron' a wing, they are called this because their wings are covered in small scales (these are modified hairs).

8. Type definitions of vocabulary words and add clip art or graphics- create text boxes and cut into flash cards: butterfly, lepidoptera, moth, chrysalis, cocoon, wing, insect, head, thorax and abdomen. Play a butterfly vocabulary game

Home Learning:  Challenge your parents to a balancing contest.  See who can balance the butterfly the longest. 

Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated using a Self-Evaluation Checklist using the following questions:
Did your butterfly balance?  
What were the problems that you encountered?  
How did you solve the problems?

Extension: Insects on the Internet