Lesson 6
ABC's of Space


  • Students will develop an ABC Book using Kid Pix Productivity software to create a multimedia slide show applying all they have learned about our solar system.

Time Required:

  • 5-one hour sessions
  • Kid Pix CD-Rom
  • Computer-generated Science Journal
  • Revisit K-W-L and complete with all information students have learned about our solar system.
  • Students will work in groups.  Each group will have 4 to 5 letters assigned to them.  Groups will develop an ABC Class Book.  Groups will then use the letters that were assigned to them to create a Kid Pix slide show.

Extension Activity: 

Solar System Trading Cards

  • Visit Amazing Space 
  • At this site students look at pictures of space objects, answer questions and collect 12 trading cards 
  • After students have collected all 12 cards, create own trading cards using desktop publishing
  • Insert tables with one row and one column, increase as needed
  • Insert pictures of planetary objects
  • Create another set of tables, type three questions on each. Add answer.
  • Print out and copy back to back
  • Laminate trading cards
  • Give students time to trade cards


Home Learning:
  • Students will look through the newspaper or in online newspapers, such as USA Today and find a current event about any of the planets or anything about space.  Students will present their article in class.
Field Trips:
  • Students will go on a field trip to a local Planetarium.
  • Students can go on a virtual field trip through the Solar System by clicking here Virtual Tour.