Lesson 2
Cyber Space
  • Students will identify each of the nine planets. 
  • Students will work with partners to find information about planets.
Time Required:
  • 2-one hour sessions
  • Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune


  • Internet
  • Scavenger Hunt handout
  • pencils
  • Revisit K-W-L and write new information students have learned.
  • Students will be given a Scavenger Hunt handout.
  • Students will work in pairs using the Internet with various sites book marked by teacher to complete the Scavenger Hunt.
        NASA- Planets
  • Ask different pairs of students to refer to their Scavenger Hunts and tell what they recorded.  Fill in a class Scavenger Hunt as students answer.  For the answers to the Scavenger Hunt click here:  Answers
  • Display the Scavenger Hunt in the classroom for future reference.
  • In their computer-generated Science Journals students will write five more facts they have learned about the planets.
Extension Activity:
  • Students will plan and create their own planet
  • Brainstorm planet's name, create a planet map, a flag, and geographical facts
  • Visit NASA- Planets  and click on the fact sheet for each planet for background data
  • Complete Planet Planning Sheet
  • Share with class
Home Learning:
  • Students use desktop publishing to write a riddle about a planet of their choice; they can add clip art or images scanned from the Internet. Visit AZ Kid's Net and click on riddles; read other students' riddles then post your own.