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Oral Histories on the effects of
Jim Crow Laws

These are true stories told by ordinary Americans about the effect of Jim Crow laws on their lives.

1. Click on each of these stories and skim them.  Write down the names of the ones you want to go back and read more fully.

2. Choose one or more stories and read them.  As you read take notes so you can answer these questions:  What Jim Crow Law affected the speaker the most?  What was the effect of this law on their lives?
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3. Meet three men by reading their speeches or what others said about them.   They are mentioned in the book, Having Our Say because they fought for the equality of Black people and against Jim Crow laws.
Given the historical context what suggestions do they have to end discrimination and segregation of their people?  Take notes as you read so you can answer this question.

Booker T. Washington
W.B. Dubois
Marcus Garvey