Stargirl Final Project

“To-Do List”


Complete the entry you have been assigned to cover in the Student Manual.  Refer to the

rubric to make sure you are meeting all of the requirements for full credit.  **Each day this week you will complete a daily log sheet.  At the end of the period, both you and Mrs. Butler or Ms. Casaccio will rate how well you worked that day.


Add graphics or even draw your own pictures (we will scan them) to be placed next to your entry.  For example, if your topic is “How to read your schedule,” you may wish to include an example of what a student schedule looks like.


Have another student proofread your entry and answer “yes” or “no” to the questions on the Entry Evaluation Form below. 


Make any necessary changes to your entry based on the responses to the Entry Evaluation Form.  Make sure your entry is clear, organized, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.


Ask Mrs. Butler or Ms. Casaccio to approve the final draft of your entry.


Save your entry as “Stargirl Final Project (title of your topic).”


We will be including the poems that you wrote about an aspect of middle school life in the manual.  When you have finished your entry, see Ms. Casaccio and she will return your poem to you.  You may either edit the poem you already wrote or you may write a new one.  


Ask another student to proofread your poem and then make any necessary changes.  Your poem should be free from all spelling or grammatical errors.


            Save the final draft of your poem as “Middle School Poem.”





      Your Name _________________________                     Grader’s Name _____________________


Entry Evaluation Form

   1.  Does the entry have a title that tells the reader what it will be about?                   Yes       No


   2.  Does the entry clearly explain the topic and provide specific details to assist       Yes        No

                    new students?


   3.  Are relevant pictures and graphics included that will inform new students            Yes        No

                    of the issue and how to deal with it?


   4.  Are there any spelling or grammatical errors in the entry?                                   Yes        No