Poetry Discussion Groups


Choose a poem that you like from the handout.  Within your group, read the poem aloud and begin to discuss it.  Raise questions, point out favorite parts, and share your opinion.  If you get stuck, use the questions below to help guide your group discussion.  When you feel that you have covered a poem, move on to another.   


1.   Who is the speaker in the poem?

2.   What is he, she, or it trying to tell you?

3.   What middle school issue is the speaker writing about?

4.   Does the poem talk about a problem?  If so, what is the problem?  Does

      the speaker solve this problem?

5.   Look at the form of the poem.  Does the author write one sentence per

      line or does he or she break the lines at certain points?  Why do you

      think the author does this?

6.   Does the form of the poem have anything to do with what it is saying?

7.   Discuss the title.  What does it mean?  Do you like the title?  Would you

      change it?

8.   Are there any words or parts of the poem that you donít understand? 

      Ask your group for help!

9.   Can you relate to these poems?  Have you ever felt like the speaker?