Middle School Poems II


The Dependable Locker


Rushing to get to me,

You have to scream and push.

You’re bumped and kicked,

Scraped and hit,

Just to get your books.

When you’ve finally reached me,

You find out that I’m jammed and stuck.

So hard, you slam your foot into me,

And turn the dial again.

I open up,

And you grab your things.

Goodbye, you say,

By giving me a slam.

You dive into a river

Of kids and teachers too.

You’re gone, disappeared,

But I know you’ll be back soon

Because I have you’re books and things

That you’ll need for class.

You see, I am locker 1004.



As Soon as I Find Out Who I Am

You’ll Be the First to Know


I promise to send you a letter

Or call you on the phone

as soon as I find


I promise you’ll be the first to know.

But right now,

I’m having a hard time

Even communicating with me.

I just can’t seem to find

a language

or the right words to say,

to talk about my feelings

with you.



Tennis Shoes


My shoes cost more

than everything else

on my whole body!

Some guys would

cut off my head

just to get

what’s on my feet!


The sad thing about it is,

my shoes are probably

not even their size.





I don’t want to be anybody

but myself.

So, I shaved little lines

in my head and

dyed my hair purple

and green

(with just a hint of orange)

and pierced my nose and hung a gold earring in it,


(who am I?).

Of course,

I waited until someone else did it first.

I didn’t want anyone to think I’m


You know what I mean?





I’ve been trying so hard to

fit in

that I’ve lost

parts of myself.



Modern Dating


I saw her in the hallway.

She was standing by her locker.

I only had a few minutes

to ask her that important question.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” she said.

“Look,” I said.  “Uh, um, uh…”

“Do you want to go to the dance?” she said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Can you pick me up at eight?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“That’s great,” she said.  “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah,” I said.

Oh, well, I guess I can borrow her history notes some other time.





I was so hungry

I could have eaten my algebra book.

I smelled what we were having

Before I even saw it.

Mystery Meat, green mushy peas,

Instant potatoes with lumpy gravy,

Bread pudding, and milk.

It’s a good thing I like milk.



Pea Brain


At our school

It’s cool to be stupid.

I don’t tell anyone

I make straight A’s.

I don’t know why

most guys prefer to think

that your brain is

the size of a pea.

an I help it if

my name is permanently

engraved on the

honor roll?



The Basket


I’ve been sitting on the bench almost the whole season.

Finally, the coach sent me in.

Some big guy practically mopped the court with me

so the referee called a foul.

He threw the ball to me so I could shoot.

My big moment.  My big chance.

I was a sweaty mess.

I bounced the ball until someone yelled

“So shoot it already!”

I gripped the ball tightly

and pumped it up through the air.

The ball landed gently on the rim of the basket,

and slid through the net. YES!

I felt great!!

I know, I know it was the last ten seconds of

the final quarter,

and we were leading 110 to 66 anyway.

But it was the most important shot of the game

to me.