Present your project!!


1.  To make your movie clip you will need to write a storyboard. 
You can use either Inspiration or cMap Tools to make a story board.

Click on the sample story board below to enlarge it.

Mr. Frerichs prepared this using cMap Tools. Note that there will be four scenes to the movie clip.


Click to enlarge


2.  Assign people to play the different roles.  You will need

  • a director

  • a reporter

  • one or more people to play the role of Civil War characters

  • a script writer

3.  Mr. Frerichs and Mr. Pisano will arrange a day to film your movie clip.

Before your clip can be filmed you must have a

completed story board AND a script written on a Word document

for each person to read from.  You must also have your civil war

photographs ready fro Mr. Frerichs.


4.  Once the movie clip has been filmed, Mr. Frerichs and Mr. Pisano

will arrange to help you edit it into final form.