The Process

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  1. Mr. Pisano will assign you to a team.  Each team will use the time machine to travel to a different event during the war.  Click here to see the teams and their assignments.








  1. Brainstorm how you will get information for this task.  What tools will you need? Where will you get the information?

  2. Here are some sites you can use:

    Civil War Review

    Selected Civil War Photographs  - American Memory in the Library of Congress: soldiers, battle camps, preparations for battle and battle after-effects.

    Images of the Civil War This is a PBS special with lots of useful photographs. 

    The American Civil War,   - this is a ThinkQuest site which includes a timeline, information on important people and battles on land and at sea, and fun learning activities.

    Civil War Maps  - rare maps from the University of Georgia showing regions, battlefields, and battle plans.

    War Between the States  - student report on the Civil War with an overview of the War, timelines of important dates and events, and brief discussions of other Civil War topics. on the Civil War  - check out this resource for the American Civil War including official records, specific battle info, photographs, letters, articles, and more! 

    Civil War Soldier and Sailor List - find your Civil War ancestor here.

  3. Collect the information.  Take notes.  Cite your sources. Decide what information will be most useful.

  4. Create your movie clip.  Click here to get information on how to make your movie clip.