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Web Mentors Teacher Helpline: How-To Articles: Implementing Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment

How to Home
How To: Adjust Your Teaching Styles to Students' Learning Styles
How To: Develop as a Professional
How To: Implement Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment

Sharon's articles on implementing Professional Teaching Standards.

NEW Art That Heals

NEW A Missing Link to Student Achievement

How To Authenticate Your Yearbook Design

How To Resourcefully Create A Climate Of Trust

Tragic Loss

How Horticulture Goes Green in the Classroom

Rethinking is Refreshing!

Helping Your Students Tackle Test-Taking Anxiety

Helping Parents Get Ready for Summer Reading

Revisiting Life Experiences and Learning Goals

Liberating the Imagination

Science Concepts Made Easy

Recurring Self-Reflections

Beyond the One-to-One

How Fashion Impacts Teacher Confidence

Classroom Connections to Real Life Experiences

Science to Art

No Parents Left Behind
with Gairre Henry

Learning Independently

The Differentiating Tool of Choice

Burnout: The Cure
with Gairre Henry

Classroom Management, A to Z
with Gairre Henry

A New Paradigm of Professionalism

Articles on implementing standards, curriculum, and assessment.

Using Assessment Data
James Dallas

Preparing Intermediate Student Portfolios
Julie Dermody

Using Newspapers to Promote Standards
Benna Golubtchik

Thinking Through Planning Your Curriculum
Kathy Granas

Creating an Interdisciplinary Unit for Elementary School
Pat Haughney

Planning an Interdisciplinary Unit with High School Staff
Paul Hewitt

Meeting Standards Through Alternative Assessments
Judy Jones

How I Plan Standards Lessons
Judy Jones

A Brief History of National Standards
Judy Jones

Using Self-Assessment in the Middle School Classroom
Lisa Kihn

Have a question or suggestion about implementing Professional Teaching Standards?
E-mail Sharon.

How to Use the DIBELS Assessment Tool
Arlyne LeSchack

How to Implement the New Math Standards, Part IV
Arlyne LeSchack

How to Implement the New Math Standards, Part III
Arlyne LeSchack

How to Implement the New Math Standards, Part II
Arlyne LeSchack

How to Implement the New Math Standards, Part I
Arlyne LeSchack

How to Use Assessment Data to Meet the Needs of Your Students
Arlyne LeSchack

Teaching Spelling Within the New Literacy Curriculum
Arlyne LeSchack

Online Quiz and Test Taking as an Alternative to Paper and Pencil Assessment
Katherine McNeil

Assessing Your Year
Lisa Peterson

Developing and Assessing a Project
Lisa Peterson

Developing a Test
Lisa Peterson

Assessing Homework
Lisa Peterson

Assessing Prior Knowledge
Lisa Peterson

Report Cards for Middle School
Lisa Peterson

Knowing Your Students as People
Lisa Peterson

Knowing Your Students as Learners
Lisa Peterson

Assessment and Management Rolled into One!
Nancy Powell

Teaching Students How to Do Online Research
Rosemary Shaw

Assessing Student Writing
Cynthia Carbone Ward

Sharon Pettey-Taylor hails from a long line of educators. She has held various teacher leadership positions in the New York City Department of Education during her 20 years of service. She is presently a Shared School-Based Mentor who has recently completed five years of full-time mentoring in Brooklyn middle and high schools, under the direction of the New Teacher Induction Program. She has also served as an online course Facilitator for Teachers Network: Aligning Standards, Curriculum and Assessment and Becoming a Professional.

Sharon likens her mentoring experience to a kaleidoscope  “which constantly changes, similar to intertwining colors and patterns, visualizing interactive and illuminating roles, identifying the needs of all teachers.  This cycle of continuous, strategic support, once set in motion, promotes brilliant, individualized styles of teaching and learning, thus replicating our professional standards and goals of collaboration and mutual respect.”

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