Welcome to Ms. Ehrich's website adventure: WHO   WHAT   HOW.
It will be the odyssey of YOU, WHO you are and what your care about.

You have gathered many powers,/ You have clasped them now
Like necklaces unto your breast.         Enheduanna, "The Hymn to Inanna"

You have arrived at the hallowed HOW segment, and it is here we do the hardest but most satisfying work. We are going to map out some PLANS and STRATEGIES for achieving your goals.

This is the place where we will start peeling away the EXCUSES, where we tear down some WALLS, where we develop ANSWERS and find RESOURCES.

It is all about giving you the POWER to be who you want to be.

The journey involves demystifying the college application process and searching for several support options along the way.

How to cite Sources
Cite your Sources!

As you research this project, all information that you gather must be credited to the SOURCE of that information.
In the heat of surfing the net, it is easy to forget to do this.

What is plagiarism and why is that a problem?
Plagiarism Explained
and techniques to avoid doing it.
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Log Assignment # 15
What college will I go to?

1. Pick 2 colleges; one community college and one elite college that support your career choices.
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Log Assignment # 16
College Questions
2. In your group, develop 20 questions you have about going to college. Use your mind mapping skills to help you develop deep questions.

Share these questions with the whole class.
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Log Assignment # 17
Answers to College Questions
3. Research the answers to the questions created in your group and in class.

Address First-Generation college issues as a Webquest
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Log Assignment # 18
College Application
4. Fill out a college application that includes an essay
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Log Assignment # 19
Support Options
5. Determine your support options.
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Log Assignment # 20
6. Find a Mentor
What are the advantages to having a mentor?
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Log Assignment # 21
7. Turn "Service Learning" into opportunites that support your personal/career interests.
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Log Assignment # 22
8.”Messing with Your Mind”

Now that you have researched and thought about and brainstormed a million different things about your future,what concerns remain? Look to the future to foresee challenges, and brainstorm solutions with your group.
(Refer back to Questions to help you analyze strengths
http://demon.co.uk/mindtool/swot.html site)
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Log Assignment # 23
9. Create a PowerPoint presentation (ideally with a diad or triad with your challenging person) that highlights your important discoveries in each HOW assignment area (Log Assignments #15 through #22)
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