Concise Webquest Outline.

Participants in Habsburg Inc. will carefully analyze the rule of the Hapsburgs and apply what they learn to a current business or organization. The steps they will follow are

  1. Students will be assigned to a team of four students.  Each student will be given one of the following roles (a) dynastic ruler, (b) clergy, (c) nobility, (d) subject.
  2. Once students have been assigned a role, they will gather research on your assignment.  They will:

a)      Look at a few websites, looking for information and making notes on your role











b)      Fill in your assigned page for the “Habsburg Roles” handout.

  1. Students will discuss their assigned roles with their group.  They will explore with the group the ways the different roles fit together and interact with one another in promoting the success of Habsburg rule.  They should make a few notes about the conclusions you reach.
  2. Student groups will select or create a business or organization that they think models well the principles  learned about Habsburg rule.  They will fill in the right side of the “Habsburg Roles” handout with information for a position in the business that corresponds to the role you researched for the Habsburg Dynasty.
  3. Students willDiscuss with their group the ways the roles will fit together in your business organization.  They will fill in the “Habsburg Chain of Command” chart and the “Organization/Business Chain of Command Chart”.  They will observe the parallels between the two charts.


The lesson is organized so as to run somewhat independently once it is introduced.  A teacher may discuss briefly dynastic rule and some its characteristics and invite students to explore the characteristics of the Habsburg dynasty. It will likely take about 3-5 one hour class periods for student groups to complete their work.  This is a social studies unit, but involves writing skills as well.

Students should be divided into groups of four, with a mix of high achieving and low achieving students in each group.

Students will likely need some guidance as they glean research materials from the internet.  Teachers will need to actively facilitate classroom groups, and help them gather the most relevant information and then help them form conclusions based on their research.

The webquest is designed for a computer lab where each student has access.  If done in a one computer classroom, the teacher will need to guide discussion and hands on activities with students and may re-divide and assign roles to groups of students in the room