Performance on this webquest will be evaluated in 4 areas: (1) Historical Accuracy of the research gathered, (2) Parallel Comparison of the Habsburg dynastic rule to a current day model(3) Structural Quality of work, including grammar and spelling (4)  Clarity and Emotional Appeal of Writing.  Participants will work individually as they research the parts of the topic, but the final products will be judged as a group.












Factual / Historical Accuracy


One or more generalized and somewhat unreliable source

Two credible sources and additional sources of a questionable nature.

Three credible sources identified and related to topic.

Four or more credible sources used with significant materials clearly identified and used.



Parallelism: Quality of the Comparison


The model is interesting, but unrelated to Habsburg dynastic rule.

The model bears some resemblance to Habsburg rule.

The model shows numerous similarities.

Direct correlation is evident and the model shows obvious parallels.



Structural Quality including Spelling & Grammar


Description is difficult to read because of organization and spelling and grammar errors.

Narrative lacks organization but is grammatically correct with few spelling errors.

Narrative is organized well, but has a few grammatical or spelling errors.

Written material is well organized and grammatically correct with no spelling errors.



Clarity and Emotional Appeal of Writing


Narrative is loose and difficult to follow.

Ideas and conclusions are apparent, but without logical connections.

Ideas are well presented, but lack some logical flow to conclusions.

Idea flow logically from one concept to another. Conclusions are easily reached and appealing to reader