Now Giovanni, you will tell us the rest of this mystery story.

Explore the resources below and tell how you solved the mystery of what Columbus had discovered.  What lands did you find? What did you see?  Show us a better map of what you found.

You can present your work using either Power Point or Front Page.


Giovanni da Verrazano

A Visitor From Europe
Verrazano, discovers Long Island's southern and western shores, calls the land 'Flora'.  Newsday webpage.

Giovanni da Verrazano
Navigator.  Catholic Encyclopedia Website.

Giovanni da Verrazzano (also spelled Giovanni da Verrazano) explored the east coast of what is now the United States in 1525. Discoverers Web.


Giovanni da Verrazzano (also spelled Verrazano) was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1485 and died in 1528 in the Lesser Antilles. Italian Historical
Fact Monster
Sailing west to reach Asia, Verrazano explored (1524) the North American coast probably from North Carolina to Maine.
347A. world map, detail: North & South America, Girolamo de Verrazano, 1529
See a map that Verrazao drew on this page.
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