Young Henry Hudson
Public Domain
Credit: National Archives of Canada/C-017727
Source: National Archives of Canada

Now Henry, you will tell us the rest of this mystery story.

Explore the resources below and tell how you solved the mystery of what Verrazano had discovered.  What lands did you find? What did you see?  Show us a better map of what you found.

You can present your work using either Power Point or Front Page.


Web Resources
List of links to Henry Hudson  CyberSleuthKids: Explorers on the Web.

Who was Henry Hudson Anyway? And What Happened to Him?  Very nice magazine article from the May 1996 issue of the Half Moon Press.

Outline of Hudson's Discoveries and a Map Canadian Artic Profiles.  Web Page maintained by Digital Collection Program of Industry Canada.
Henry Hudson and Early Hudson River History Hudson River Maritime Museum web page.  This page has a very good map.
Biography and maps of all of Hudson's Voyages. The maps may be hard for you to read. Web site by Ian Chadwick.
Database sources to try

.  1000  nonfiction books with  fulltext articles on literature, social studies, history,  science, careers, health, sports, adventure, and technology.

School computers only
InfoTrac Student Edition- Subject Guide
INET Library- Magazines (School computers only)  The above databases are provided by the New York State Library.  The New York Online Virtual Electronic Library (NOVEL) is a statewide virtual library provided free to schools and public libraries by the New York State Library. It is currently a pilot project funded through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant to the NY State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).



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