Structure WebQuest - Height Engineer Questions

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1. What kinds of materials are skyscrapers built out of? List some materials and tell whether they are strong in tension or strong in compression.

2. What is a beam? What materials are beams made of? Why are these appropriate materials for beams?

3. Steel beams come in different shapes and sizes. What are some of the shapes, and the benefits of each of the different shapes that you find?

4. Investigate at least 5 skyscrapers from the list of the 25 tallest skyscrapers. What are they made from? What is special about the designs of each? Why do they hold up so well instead of falling over because of their height? Write at least one interesting fact about each one.

5. What other questions do you want to find answers to while working on this project?

6. After working with the journalist in your group, get a copy of the interview questions and the names of two people to interview. You will need to complete an interview worksheet for each of the two interviews that you conuduct, and attach them to your research notes to turn in with your report.

[25 Tallest Skyscrapers] [Links to info on skyscrapers]

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This project was created by Nancy Powell for Geometry Classes at Bloomington High School, Bloomington, IL. I welcome your comments and questions.