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Batter Up!: Activities

Activity 10

It's a Matter of Percentage!


The students will use the Internet to find the 12 Major League Baseball Parks that also serve as football fields. They will compute the percent of football seats that are used as baseball seats.

Reference Facts:

  1. Football utilizes all the seats in a stadium.
  2. There are 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.
  3. Some stadiums have added seating over the years.
  4. Four American League baseball teams share their stadiums with a football team.
  5. Eight National League baseball teams share their stadiums with a football team.
  6. Different websites may have different statistics for seating capacity.
  7. The concept is to be sure the students can compute percent of a number, not find exact statistics of the stadiums.


  1. Have the students search the Internet for the 30 MLB parks. Twelve of these parks share their seats with their city football partners. List the names and cities of these 12 parks.
  2. While researching, the students are to list the seating capacity for both baseball and football for these 12 parks.
  3. Teach or review with the students how to find the percent of a number.
  4. Have the students compute the percent of seats in each of these 12 stadiums that are used for baseball.
  5. Create a list of questions for the students to answer utilizing these statistics.

ProPlayer Stadium in Miami is home to the MLB Florida marlins and the NFL Miami Dolphins. Seating capacity for football (Dolphins) is 75,000 while for baseball (Marlins) it is 47,662. The fraction of seats used for baseball is 47,662/75,000. The percent of the stadium that is used for baseball, rounded to the nearest percent is 64%. Explanation: To find percent of a number, divide the denominator of the fraction into the numerator. Then change the decimal answer to a percent.


Students are graded for correctness of Internet search.
Students are graded for correctness of finding percent of a number.

Now find the other 11 and e-mail Lottie with your answers.


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