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How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom: Targeting Multiple Intelligences: Teens Teaching Teens

Dale Hannon

Williams Junior High School
Oakland, ME

You can reach Dale at daleh@adelphia.net

Purchase from our Online Store: How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom

Targeting Multiple Intelligences: Teens Teaching Teens

As a seasoned health teacher for 21 years, teaching was becoming stale. I needed to infuse some excitement into the curriculum. Junior high students are often difficult to teach and reach because of their developmental stage. Knowing that teens are more engaged with a hands-on approach, technology seemed a good solution.

This was the thinking that motivated one teacher to develop "Teens Teaching Teens," a multi-faceted Internet project for eighth grade students. In this class, drug education is a major component of the curriculum. Rather than listening to information provided by the teacher and the textbook, each student works in a group to conduct research, prepare a PowerPoint presentation, and assume the role of the teacher to instruct the class on their assigned drug. Each presentation must cover drug history, plant type, countries of origin, medical uses, how the drug affects the nervous system, how the drug is used, street names, signs of use, physical effects, psychological and emotional effects, problems for society, withdrawal symptoms, and other facts, statistics, or laws...

"Teens Teaching Teens" reaches a diversity of learning styles. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory is evident throughout this project...

The variety of activities offered, and the ability of each student to contribute to the group based on their individual strengths, ensures an interesting and successful learning experience for all.

Check out Dale's Lesson Plan, Teens Teaching Teens.


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