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  Health & Physical Education
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Middle School , High School

Fine Arts, Business Careers, English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Graphic Arts, Journalism, Internet, Media Literacy, Visual Arts

A Day in the Life of...
This unit uses multi-disciplinary work to help students learn more about the professional world of sports medicine. Students conduct online research on sports medicine, contact professionals in the field, craft interview questions, engage in online discourse with these professionals, and create a brochure using information obtained from these interviews.
Middle School

Health Phys Ed, Science, Science


A Drug-Free Me
A Drug-Free Me! is a comprehensive unit in which junior high students are provided with the tools and fact-finding opportunities to make wise choices regarding drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.
High School

Health Phys Ed, Science


An "Egg-cellent" Project About Genetic Diseases
An "Eggcellent" Project About Genetic Diseases allows students to experience the responsibility involved in caring for a child with a birth defect, and provides them with a hands-on approach to learning about the more common human genetic diseases.
High School

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Science

Literature, Poetry Creative Writing, Writing, Biology

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Disease
Students explore the historical aspects of disease and discuss both fiction and non-fiction accounts of disease, including The Microbe Hunters, The Hot Zone, The Andromeda Strain, Tuesdays with Morrie, and A Parcel of Patterns. They write a series of children's books about microbes and other disease-causing organisms, the immune system, antibiotics, and scientists (such as Louis Pasteur and Jonas Salk) who have made important contributions to the struggle against disease.

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Social Studies

Literature, Writing, Community Culture

Befriending Bullies
How can classrooms be bully free? When everyone in the school community agrees to a no-tolerance policy. Buddy reading with older students relays how to deal with hurtful teasing and bullying. Youngsters write books about their own experiences and display them during open house and schoolwide events. Role-play reinforces social skills: how to apologize, how to comfort victims, and how to make friends.
Middle School , High School

Health Phys Ed, Science


Bones and Muscles
This unit of work covers anatomy and physiology as part of physical education. It consists of a PowerPoint presentation and activities to reinforce learning.

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Science, Science, Technology Media

Earth Science, Community Culture

Buddy, Are You Ready? Preparing for School Emergencies
Now more than ever, safety tops the list of classroom concerns. How can students face threats of disaster and feel prepared to deal with emergencies? "Buddy, Are You Ready?" introduces upper elementary students to natural disasters by reading stories about volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.
High School

Health Phys Ed, Science, Social Studies

Community Culture

Community Environmental Health Fair
How can high schoolers discover a relationship between a community's wealth and its level of pollution? Through a city-construction simulation, students hypothesize reasons for this relationship.
Middle School , High School

Health Phys Ed

Contemporary Studies in PE
These lessons are clearly planned in terms of objectives and activities. They include external web sources, games, and ideas for discussion.
Middle School , High School

Business Careers, Health Phys Ed, Science, Social Studies, Technology Media

Biology, Community Culture, Internet

Courage Connection 2 Kids 4 Kids
Students help children cope with extended hospital stays when they give helpful hints and exchange stories of personal courage. Helped by high school mentors, students write and post their personal stories on their own Courage Connections web page and share information on careers in health care with the school community.

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Deconstructing Sexual Harrassment
Students will engage in an exploration of sexual harassment to discover both Supreme Court and Federal Law dictates, and their implications for a high school setting. From this knowledge they will create social awareness PSA posters to be posted on the Internet and displayed in the school.

Health Phys Ed

DonĀ't Smoke or You Might Choke
Students Will: students will learn and apply basic research skills by exploring anti-smoking students will become critical evaluators of websites students will learn and apply basic public speaking skills to present their research sing iMovie by creating a kid-friendly public service announcement (PSA)

Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Internet, Software Programs

Drink more water!
This project was designed in order to achieve two aims - to boost the amount of water drunk by the children in our primary school, and to design a system for storing drinking water in each class.
Middle School , High School

Health Phys Ed

Expedition Training
This resource aims to support teachers planning outdoor expeditions.

Health Phys Ed, Science, Technology Media

Biology, Digital Media, Internet, Software Programs

For Your Eyes Only
In this interdisciplinary project students will use a collaborative model to learn about the human eye through interactive websites, teaching models, hands-on activities, professional speakers, and both virtual and physical field trips.

Health Phys Ed, Mathematics, Science

Numbers Statistics, Biology

Healthy Eating
In this project, students learn about which foods are healthy and which foods are less healthy by using Internet resources, and then moving onto creating a healthy eating database record of their classmates' favorite foods.

Fine Arts, Health Phys Ed

Performing Arts

Let's Dance
Let's Dance is a unit where students learn and choreograph dances over a three month period and then perform their dance steps at an assembly.
Middle School

Health Phys Ed, Mathematics, Science, Technology Media

Money, Biology, Software Programs

Lunch Food? Mmm Mmm Good!
Students use the Internet to research recipes and utilize the USDA Food Guide Pyramid to investigate the importance of meeting these requirements and learn the consequences of an unbalanced diet. The students download recipes, create ethnic variations on the food pyramid, and use Excel to convert recipes and create a cost sheet for feeding different amounts of students.
Middle School

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Social Studies, Technology Media

Literature, Writing, Community Culture, Digital Media, Internet

Mother Goose Meets Project Wisdom Through Pod Casting
Students learn how to form a pod cast through storyboarding by using a main theme. The main theme to this project is Project Wisdom/Character Education. Project Wisdom is part of the character education curriculum. The students put Mother Goose on trial for her abusive nursery rhymes to human and animal life. Each student examines a nursery rhyme of their choice, that is abusive. They must explain in the storyboard process why the nursery rhyme is abusive.
Middle School

Health Phys Ed, Science, Science


Nutrition I.Q.
Nutrition I.Q. Is a comprehensive unit in which Junior High students are provided with opportunities necessary to make wise food choices in their daily living.

Health Phys Ed, Science


Nuts About Nutrition
Nuts About Nutrition is a unit designed to teach and motivate children to learn about nutrition. The students will be able to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information in order to make smart decisions when it comes to nutrition.

Health Phys Ed, Mathematics, Science, Technology Media

Scientific Method, Internet

Pedestrian Safety
According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, "Pedestrian injury is second only to cancer as the leading cause of death in children between five and nine years of age. A study in New Haven, Connecticut, however, reveals that many childhood pedestrian injuries can be prevented. The Science of Safety starts as a "simple" science unit on force and motion as a way to help students understand velocity and thus understand how to cross streets safely.
Middle School

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Science, Technology Media

Internet, Media Literacy

Preparing for Disaster
Inspired by a true Miracle On The Hudson,students teach their peers how to prevent and cope with disasters. Students create short films, animations and PSAs (public service announcements) that may prepare other for disasters they could face in their lifetime.
High School

Health Phys Ed, Science


Quit Smoking: Together We Can Do It!
Students utilize the Internet to research smoking and second-hand smoke. In addition to studying its effects and health risks, they examine social, physical, and environmental causes and motivations for smoking as well as statistics (age, gender, ethnicity) related to nicotine addiction.
High School

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Media Literacy, Video

Showcasing Teen Issues: It's About Respect
How can teenagers respect each other and the community? When they use technology to produce public service announcements (PSA). Contributors to Showcasing Teen Issues divided respect into three categories: Body (smoking, drugs, AIDS, stress), Mind (culture- language, nationality, race), and Soul (beliefs- customs, religion, ethics).
Middle School

Health Phys Ed, Science, Technology Media

Biology, Software Programs

Skeletal and Muscular Disease WebQuest
Students are able to explore a disease that they may have heard of or that may have affected a family member, friend, or even themselves. This is a great activity that can be used in conjunction with any exploration of body systems or human body functioning and can be easily modified to differentiate instruction.
High School

ESL, Health Phys Ed

Sound Minds in Sound Bodies - Spreading the Word
Are teens aware that their ipods can cause permanent hearing loss? Do adolescents really need more sleep than adults? How can young people protect their skin and teeth? This project recognizes that teenagers must be aware of everyday life issues that affect their well-being.
Elementary, Middle School

Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Community Culture, Media Literacy, Video, Visual Arts

Teaching Technology Using Television
Teaching Technology using Television is a cutting edge unit that develops reading, writing, and technology skills. Students develop critical thinking skills as they analyze television shows to determine the amount of violence and profane language and how this violence and language affects children and their television viewing habits.
High School

Health Phys Ed, Science, Technology Media

Internet, Software Programs, Video

Teen Sexuality and the Spread of STD
Supporting the work of the school nurse and the priorities of the School-Based Health Center, students in two Health Careers classes study the biology of reproduction and STD transmission; learn about the public health field and its methods; and develop and distribute student surveys to identify common behaviors and false information that lead to the spread of STDs.

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Reading Literacy, Writing, Internet, Software Programs, Visual Arts

The Great Chocolate Adventure
Students will gather information about the pros and cons of chocolate, then design their particular campaign leaflet.
Middle School

Health Phys Ed, Mathematics, Technology Media

Software Programs, Visual Arts

Up in Smoke
This project enables students to search for information regarding the history, health hazards and prevention of smoking.
High School

English Language Arts, Health Phys Ed, Technology Media

Software Programs

Wake Up Call to Fitness and Nutrition
How can high school students help their peers and youngsters not only understand fitness and nutrition but also incorporate healthy practices into their daily lives?

Health Phys Ed, Science


Watts Up?
Watts Up? is a a hands-on investigation of energy and electricity. Through this project, students will learn to classify different forms of energy, how to keep safe from dangerous electrical energy, and how to conserve energy.
Journey Back to the Great Before

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