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New Teacher Resource Program - 3 Credit Series

Teachers Network has created a series of self-guided online courses for new teachers who wish to improve their professional practice.

As part of Teachers Network's New Teacher Resouce Program, new teachers can participate in nine courses that are essential for every teacher.

All courses are self-guided and conveniently available online from a teacher's home or school computer. Teachers can follow along at their own pace and at their convenience.

Each course is based on and supplemented by Teachers Network's New Teachers Handbook and videos from our Successful Teaching Practices in Action CD-ROM series for elementary and secondary school teachers.

Receive the book and either an elementary or secondary school version of our CD-ROM series, Successful Teaching Practices in Action. Directed by an Emmy-award winning producer, these videos feature experienced, outstanding teachers in action in their classrooms. All chapters in the book directly correspond to content in the New Teacher Online Courses.

Teachers will have access to all the rich resources available on - the #1 award-winning education website, by teachers, for teachers - proud recipient of The Association of Educational Publishers' Distinguished Achievement Award for Best Portal Technology.

Licenses for these courses are available to school districts and/or universities for purchase. School districts and universities grant professional development credit for those who complete the optional assignment. To take the New Teacher Online Course TOUR, click here. For more information, contact Peter Paul at

Courses Available for the New Teacher Resource Program

NTRP: Practical Classroom Management, Connecting with Families, and Growing as a Professional (3 Credits)
Incorporating Teachers Network very successful repertoire of online courses dealing with these topics, students will learn about proven classroom management techniques; working with families as partners; and learning how to grow professionally.
Becoming a Professional
Teaching can be an isolating profession. Becoming a true professional involves reflection, engaging in dialogue with colleagues, and developing a portfolio of personal best practices. Becoming a Professional will guide you along the path to true professionalism.
Classroom Management
The most effective teachers actively organize their time, space, materials and students to create and maintain an environment that is truly conducive to learning.
Families as Partners
As the role of the school grows in children's lives, it is increasingly important for families and schools to work together for the welfare of the child.

NTRP: Successful Lesson Planning , Aligning Standards to Curriculum & Assessment, and Identifying Key Professional Resources (3 Credits)
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This three-credit course delves into how to do plan lessons strategically to ensure success in the classroom; learn how best to align standards, curriculum, and assessment for the 21st Century; and, locate the resources needed to support this work.
Aligning Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment
As you attempt to align curriculum, assessment, and instruction, you must begin by looking at the big picture and finding the over-riding ideas set forth by your district's standards. By thinking about the end result and imagining various levels of proficiency, you begin to define your instructional goals.
Identifying Resources
Super-teaching means researching, making contacts, arranging classroom visits, and organizing curriculum related trips. Creative approaches to identifying resources can yield information and free and/or low-cost materials. The best classroom materials should not be confined to the annual book order. This course focuses on the ability of teachers to utilize a variety of resources around them. Employing these resources supports teaching and learning in the classroom.
Strategic Lesson Planning
Planning is absolutely essential to the smooth operation of your classroom. You must set goals for yourself and your students, but you should also be prepared to adjust those goals.

NTRP: Adolescent Literacy, Teaching English Language Learners, and Reaching a Broad Spectrum of Diverse Learners (3 Credits)
With literacy as a focus of all these courses, participants will learn strategies to create life-long readers who are empowered as independent learners. Participants will also identify the specific linguistic, and social needs of English Language Learners. Further, as every person learns in different ways, this course focuses on preparing teachers to maximize students’ very diverse learning styles.
Adolescent Literacy
The goal of this online course is to help teachers create life-long readers who are empowered as independent learners. Participants will learn strategies that promote and support adolescent literacy in the contemporary urban classroom. The needs of unmotivated and special needs students will be considered.
Teaching Methods for Diverse Learners
This course explores the different ways people learn, and how to match teaching methods with individual differences.
Teaching Strategies for English Language Learners
Participants will learn to identify and understand the needs of English Language learners, implement strategies for modifying academic content, and put their new skills into practice.


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